01 March, 2010

Bedscapes and Beyond #4

This lovely bedroom in pink and white is by designer Phoebe Howard. It's all girlie without being too childish.

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Chari at Happy To Design said...

Hi Karen...

Oooh...this pretty pink and white bedroom is simply gorgeous! I love it! Love the really soft shade of pink and paired with that crisp white...well, it's just so fresh and really breathtaking! Thank you for sharing this beautiful bedroom with us today!

Well my friend, I have been thinking about getting a post together for your fabulous Bedscapes and Beyond party for a couple of weeks now...and have finally accomplished it! Hehe! I was really excited about joining in with this party! Thank you so much for hosting it for us!!!

Warmest wishes,
Chari @Happy To Design

silk purse said...

My, oh my!.., I adore this pretty pink and white bedroom! What "a breath of fresh air", a "pink-a-lishous" and an utterly fabulous bedroom!!~I'm delighted that you visited my blog so that I could partake in what you have shared with us today!

~Furthermore I am so delighted and "tickled pink" that dear Cheri sent you by my dear!~ I adore discovering new blogs as well as new memes!

~ I hope that you will also consider partaking with perhaps one or my memes on occasion; "Tuesday Tea For Two", @ The Plumed Pen blog; "Wednesday Tea For Me And Thee" @ Silken Purse blog and also; "Sweet Things Thursday" @ Silken Purse blog.

I will definately be partaking withyour lovely, "bedsapes And Beyond", (especially whereas I have five bedrooms to happily showcase, at my B. and B).

http:// www.blueforest.ca)

(Although likely people will not visit from so far away,and of course that's not the objective here anyway); nonetheless it's just fun to have several options to 'play with' for your weekly blog party!.., What fun!

As an aside,I find it so fascinating that people often plan similar things , (As I had recently mentiond to Chari, I have compiled quite a lengthy and detailed list of what I plan to photograph in the coming weeks and months for my blogs with my new camera)..,(What 'me';"lengthy")?.., Hehe!

Ironically, I had planned to use these photos, (which you will see on my Silken Purse blog),that I had taken a few years ago with my old camera, to feature on this weeks Wednesday tea..,

All that to say this , I can hardly wait to join you in partaking with subsequent weeks of your delightful, "Bedscapes And Beyond', I am so excited!

I will visit soon to see what other delights you have to offer my dear!

Cheers and hugs from Wanda Lee @ The Plumed Pen, The French Dressing Room and also @ Silken Purse blogs

silk purse said...

This is a much shorter comment, however I was quite literaly deeply moved, in fact to the point of being somewhat 'misty eyed' by The Day Of Caring blog post below!

I am inpired to see if we could do something similar at our church!.., Kudos to you and all of the kind ladies who particpated!

Those precious caretakers, I do hope they were ministered to very much so ,as no doubt they were!


xinex said...

The pink bedroom is so adorable, Karen! I would be able to relax in there, the colors are very soothing....Christine

The Quintessential Magpie said...

Very pretty! Love this, Karen!


Sheila :-)