31 January, 2009

Inspirational Wall Plaque

Thank you Ginger and Charlotte for hosting Spiritual Sundays. Check out their blog for more.

I lost my home and almost everything I owned in a fire a number of years ago. As bad as that was something wonderful came out of it. I realized that I was shown kindness, support and encouragement, not only by my friends, but casual acquaintances and strangers as well.

The first thing I purchased for my new home was a wall plaque. It is a brass plaque on walnut which says:


help me to remember

that nothing is going to

happen to me today

that you and I together

can't handle.

I still have that plaque hanging in my home and I have found the words to be true.

P.S. Go Steelers

22 January, 2009

New Beginnings

This is my first blog posting. I've created my blog over a week ago, but what shall I talk about. I though about a number of topics and found that they all had a common theme - New Beginnings. This is, as I stated, a new blog for me. It is a new calendar year, and the beginning of tax season (I am an EA for an accounting firm.) We have a new president. I have new remodeling and decorating projects I have started. I will share these with you later.

I have been reading many posts and feel like I've gotten to know some of you. I have also been reading about many of the blog parties you are hosting and I'm excited to participate, so you can get to know me too. - Blessings -