24 January, 2010

Seven Crazy Things About Me

Jennifer from Sanctuary Arts passed this award to me with the requirement that I tell 7 crazy things about me. She has a wonderful blog with great tutorials. Here are my facts:

1. Does anyone remember McCrory's 5&10? My grandmother was housekeeper for the McCrorys, the people who founded the chain. They also farmed and my father and grandfather worked on the farm. My parents lived with my maternal grandparents on theMcCrory estate when I was born. Our family isn't wealthy, never were, never will be, but they were exposed to fabulous wealth. I learned to set a formal table when I was in third grade.

2. I used to bite my fingernails until a few years ago when I had some dental work. Now I can't. Who knew?

3. I have the nicest neighbors in the world. We met most of them when we walk our little dog around the block. We moved into our house one May, that August we had a cook-out with twenty people attending. My next-door neighbor said, "How do you know so many people? I've lived here 32 years and you know more people than I do." -- Just introduce yourself.

4. I have been homeless. I lost my home in a fire in 1979. I was a single mom with 2 grade school children. I stayed with friends, in a motel for three days, and then with a pastor and his family for 2 weeks until I got a home. The home belonged to a realtor I went to church with and she let me move in even before it closed. What started as a tragedy, turned out to be such a blessing when not only friends and coworkers, but casual acquaintances, and even perfect strangers provided me with clothes, housewares, love and prayers.

5. Last fall, I decided to let myself go gray and I quit coloring my hair. I was at the supermarket, putting three bags of groceries from my cart into my car. A woman in a minivan next to me, rolled down her window and asked me if I needed any help. I said, no thanks. Then I thought to myself, why did she ask me that? To my uttermost shock, I realized she asked me that because she though I was old and not up to lifting a bag of groceries. I am now coloring my hair again.

6. I don't sleep. My typical night's sleep is 4 to 6 hours.

7. A bonus. Click here to read 10 more facts which I posted before.

This needs to be passed along. So pick up the award and tell 7 crazy things about yourself.

23 January, 2010

A New Party - Bedscapes and Beyond

I'm having a new party - Bedscapes and Beyond.

I heard the term "bedscapes" and it reminded me of the popular party where bloggers love to show their tablescapes. Nobody is having a party where we get to show off our beautiful bedding, all those handmade quilts, our lovely sheets, decorative pillows, etc. Well, I thought I would fill this much needed niche. I will give everyone time to spread the word and come up with a post. The first bedscape will be
Tuesday, February 9th.

I'll put the link up the evening before. I would appreciate it if you would post my badge and lets get the word out so we can have fun and get some ideas. Master bedrooms, childrens rooms, nurserys and any other bedroom pictures beyond the bed is OK.

21 January, 2010

Denim Floral Tablescape

Susan at Between Naps on the Porch hosts Tablescape Thursday. Click on the link to see other tablescapes.

Everything you see here, except for the flatware, was purchased at thrift stores. I started with a pale yellow tablecloth. The china pattern is Denim Floral by American Atelier which has blue and white floral and gingham.

The photo above shows the table set with nice big soup bowls on the dinner plates.
The photo below show a salad plate on the dinner plate. Sorry for the glare. I wasn't even using flash.

Cobalt blue votives, match the blue goblets.

Look how those napkins match the floral trim on the china.