24 January, 2010

Seven Crazy Things About Me

Jennifer from Sanctuary Arts passed this award to me with the requirement that I tell 7 crazy things about me. She has a wonderful blog with great tutorials. Here are my facts:

1. Does anyone remember McCrory's 5&10? My grandmother was housekeeper for the McCrorys, the people who founded the chain. They also farmed and my father and grandfather worked on the farm. My parents lived with my maternal grandparents on theMcCrory estate when I was born. Our family isn't wealthy, never were, never will be, but they were exposed to fabulous wealth. I learned to set a formal table when I was in third grade.

2. I used to bite my fingernails until a few years ago when I had some dental work. Now I can't. Who knew?

3. I have the nicest neighbors in the world. We met most of them when we walk our little dog around the block. We moved into our house one May, that August we had a cook-out with twenty people attending. My next-door neighbor said, "How do you know so many people? I've lived here 32 years and you know more people than I do." -- Just introduce yourself.

4. I have been homeless. I lost my home in a fire in 1979. I was a single mom with 2 grade school children. I stayed with friends, in a motel for three days, and then with a pastor and his family for 2 weeks until I got a home. The home belonged to a realtor I went to church with and she let me move in even before it closed. What started as a tragedy, turned out to be such a blessing when not only friends and coworkers, but casual acquaintances, and even perfect strangers provided me with clothes, housewares, love and prayers.

5. Last fall, I decided to let myself go gray and I quit coloring my hair. I was at the supermarket, putting three bags of groceries from my cart into my car. A woman in a minivan next to me, rolled down her window and asked me if I needed any help. I said, no thanks. Then I thought to myself, why did she ask me that? To my uttermost shock, I realized she asked me that because she though I was old and not up to lifting a bag of groceries. I am now coloring my hair again.

6. I don't sleep. My typical night's sleep is 4 to 6 hours.

7. A bonus. Click here to read 10 more facts which I posted before.

This needs to be passed along. So pick up the award and tell 7 crazy things about yourself.


Jeanette said...

Interesting things to learn about you. My Keelie and Josh send best howls to Ceasar.

The Quintessential Magpie said...

Karen, this is such fascinating info about you, and the story about the fire is so very touching. I am glad that people were kind and that what could have been seen as irrepairable loss turned out to have a golden lining. My uncle's house burned to the ground when I was young, and I will never forget it as long as I live.



Martha said...

How interesting!

Danielle @ Transforming Home said...

Ooo - interesting stuff!

Monica@The White Bench said...

I was touched by the fire thing that happened to you, and I always am impressed by the generosity of many good people in the jungle out there!
Have a wonderful weekend,

Amy said...

Hi Karen,
Wow, you really have some interesting facts to share. I remember McCrorys. Hmm....does that make me old? Oh well, it was a great store. You have had quite an interesting life. Thanks so much for sharing with us. Have a great weekend. Amy :)

Melissa Miller said...

Karen you went through so much in 79'. I'm so happy it all worked out for the best. What a true blessing those people were.

Thank you for entering my giveaway sweet friend!

~Blessings, ~Melissa :)

Mermaids of the Lake said...

Fun. Your number 5 just sent me! Too funny! The fire story was very touching. Have a great week.

Lori said...

Grat to learn more about you!

Beautiful pear tree lane said...

Hi Karen,
Great to be able to visit you again.
I so enjoyed reading these facts about you. The coloring of my hair is one that I have pounced back and forth on, but for now will continue to color. Thank you for your prayers and well wishes.

~Deborah~ said...

It must have been devastating to lose your home in a fire. Look how many people cared about you - blessings!

Deborah in NC

Jennifer Rizzo said...

You've been through so many things! I can't imagine the fear of being homeless with small children! Thank goodness for the kindness of others!

Confessions of a Plate Addict said...

Hi Karen! I enjoyed reading about you. I can't imagine going through a house fire. You are so brave to face all of that! And I love your story about coloring your hair! I haven't seen my real hair color in 16 years! lol I have posted my bedscape a little early with a link to you. I wil hook up with you on Monday night! Happy Sunday!...hugs...Debbie

Anonymous said...

I had to laugh at No 5! I have tried 3 times to let my hair go gray. When people started calling my husband my SON, it drove me back to the bottle!


JD said...

Karen thank you for sharing your interesting facts. When I met your this past spring, I knew right away that there was something very special about you...and now I know why...Hugs, Jill