29 May, 2009

Foodie Friday - Chipped Chopped Ham BBQ

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This is a continuation of my series of regional foods. Chipped Chopped Ham Barbecue originated in Pittsburgh, PA. No, it's not barbecue, so I don't know why it's called that. The authentic version uses local ingredients such as Heinz chili sauce and Isaly's chipped chopped ham. It surprised me that this was regional fare, when I asked for chipped chopped ham at the deli counter and the girl did not know what I was talking about. Chipped chopped ham is a pressed ham loaf that is shaved very thin. If you can't get chipped chopped ham, the best alternative is to have the butcher slice ham very thin, almost like shaving it. These sandwiches are yummy alternative to sloppy joes. This spicy sweet treat is a Pittsburgh favorite.

1 lb chipped ham
1/2 cup onion diced
1 tablespoon light brown sugar
1 teaspoon mustard
1 tablespoon sweet relish
1 (12 ounce) jar Heinz chili sauce
1/2 cup water
hamburger buns


Run the ham under hot water in a colander for about 30 seconds to get some of the salt out of the ham. Coarsely chop the chipped ham and place in a saucepan, mix all ingredients, making sure the ham is well coated. Cook for about 20 minutes.
Serve on hamburger buns that have been buttered and toasted. Bring out plenty of napkins, roll up your sleeves and dig in.

I will often double this recipe and make it in the crock pot and serve it to a crowd at a covered dish or a Super Bowl party.

If anyone asks you "Jeet yet?", grab a sandwich and red up when you're done.


Kathy said...

This sounds delicious.

Martha said...

Never heard of them but they sound delicious.

The Quintessential Magpie said...

This is new to me, Karen! Sounds like something fun to try! YUM!


Sheila :-)

Becky K. said...

I have gotten the strangest looks when I ask for chip chopped ham here in Lancaster County. Seemed perfectly normal in Centre County.

JD said...

Another great recipe! Being from Pennsylvania...Of course, I have heard of "chipped Chopped Ham"
My only problem is that I have to think of what I could subsitute for the chili sauce. (It has tomato paste in it, and I'm highly allergic to tomatoes...Love them, but they don't love me...Hugs, Jill

Susan @ A Southern Daydreamer said...

Sounds really good... I am going to have to see what I can find for the chipped chopped ham...because I want to try this! Happy Foodie Friday! Have a great weekend ~ Susan

susan said...

I had to look at your profile and see where you are from. I have never heard of this, but I am afraid where I live most people are BBQ snobs and think we INVENTED BBQ :) This does sound interesting and I love reading about regional favorites!

Mary said...

This certainly looks authentic. Spent some time of the CM campus in Pittsburgh so I'm no stranger to this BBq. Yours looks awfully good.

Rita Kent at TesoroFino.Com said...

Sounds like something the kids would definitely enjoy! Thanks for sharing! Head on over to my blog and browse a while, if you like what you see, click the "follow" button on the right so we can inspire one another often!

Ashley ~ said...

That looks GOOD, and of course, I'm sitting here looking at this right at lunch time and that's making me super hungry*! YUM*!
_Ashley ~

Anonymous said...

I know these are delicious because your recipe is very similar to mine except I never used the relish. I will add that next time.

I see you live in Central Pa...I live in Western Pa.. a little town called Hermitage.

Thanks Terry

~ Lindy ~ said...

Yum....I sort of remember my mom making something like this. I'm a nanny and think my young 'charges' would love this! Found your blog at "A Little Bit of Pink" (Kay is my sister). I LOVE all your photos of Longwood Gardens! God bless you and yours.

Joyce said...

I saw a recipe similar to this on TV when they were doing a regional special of places to eat. I had never heard of this before but it seemed people were lined up outside this one place that is famous for this. You probably know the name of the place. Now I can make this myself and I don't have to travel:) My husband would love this. Thanks for sharing.

ButterYum said...

This looks very interesting to me. I think I'll give it a try.

Allidink said...

How interesting! It sounds really good. I love regional cuisine :)

All the best,

Cass @ That Old House said...

Oh my gosh, I haven't seen chipped chopped ham in ages --- my husband and I lived in Pittsburgh years ago when he was news director at KDKA radio --- and we had no idea what this chipped chopped ham was until some of the folks at the radio station explained it to us. . . It is such fun to see it again! thanks!
(Isaly's... hahaha! Wow..blasts from the past!)

dana said...

Being on a low sodium diet (because of my husband's health issues) I think I could eat about six of those great sounding Chipped Chopped Ham sandwiches! Just yummy! Oh, and that Baked Oatmeal is a keeper--in fact, I just saved it to make very soon! It's the perfect breakfast!

Thanks!! Dana

Holly said...

Sounds interesting...I think I would like them.
Thanks for visiting my blog!

Dean Beringer said...

I grew up in Erie Pa. and we always had this on the Forth of July!!! Love that this recipe is with Heinz Chili Sauce.
My Mom used to serve these on New England Style Hot Dog Buns topped with shredded Iceberg lettuce that had been tossed in Heinz Salad Cream !

Anonymous said...


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Our Comfy~ Cozy Life!!!! said...

This BBQ is awesome! I have a cousin who lives near PA and she had it at a small party. YUM!