08 June, 2009

What kind of dog is right for you quiz.

Martha at Mid-Atlantic Martha asked me why Bichons are such a good dog. Well, that response takes way to much explanation that a reply post would take. I'm sure everyone thinks their dog is the best in the world. Tell me about your dog.

If you don't have a dog and wonder what breed might be suited to, click here to take the quiz.
This is why a Bichon Frise is wonderful:

The Bichon Frise is a charming puffball of a dog with a white loosely curled coat, weighing in around 10-15 pounds. They are virtually hypo-allergenic and sheds little to no hair.

This breed should be trimmed for a rounded appearance every 4-8 weeks. The Bichon is identified by it's jaunty tail curved over it's back.
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The Bichon has a merry temperament. They are bred to be companion animals, crave human contact and are easy to live with. This charming, gentle dog is not a yapper. These bright little dogs are easy to train, but may be difficult to housebreak. They are naturally sociable and are happiest when they are part of a family that takes them everywhere.
This sociable trait also means that they are fine in the company of other dogs and pets and are excellent with children. They have an independent spirit, are intelligent, affectionate, bold, lively and self-assured. They are used as watchdogs and to perform tricks, this breed is competitive and obedient.
Bichon's at Dog Show
When given daily walks, the Bichon will be a very stable minded, trustworthy dog. The Bichon Frise can live in an apartment if it gets enough exercise, at least daily walks. They are fairly active indoors and will do okay without a yard. They do enjoy a good romp in a safe open area off lead, such as a large fenced in yard.

Some are prone to watery eyes, cataracts, skin and ear ailments, also epilepsy and dislocated kneecaps. They can be very sensitive to flea bites.


Kathy said...

And that is why it's the dog for me.........

Martha said...

Interesting quiz -- everyone has their favorite breed --

Shelia said...

Oh, your little dog is just the most precious little thing! I'm glad to learn about this little dog - I don't know anyone who has one!
We have a mini Schnauzer and she's our little baby. Now she is a yapper, but the most darling little one!
be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Domestic Designer said...

Such a cute dog! We have a black lab and she is just so sweet! Dogs add so much to a family.

Tootsie said...

neat quiz...we have a Shiba Inu. Spoiled rotten and she has an identity crisis...she thinks she is a cat!
They are not supposed to be as mellow as she is...the vet laughs and calls her an anomaly. Her breed is supposed to be super high strung and a tad vicious...not our "poo"...she is a chicken ....even afraid of dogs! She is great with the kids, and not so much of a guard dog! We installed an alarm, as she wasn't doing her job! ha ha

Leave a Legacy said...

I discovered your site through "Domestic Designer". When I saw "nittany", I figured we had a lot in common. I also live in West. PA. My youngest son graduated from Penn State. I just had to put my beautiful Bichon down 1 1/2 years ago and miss him so much. I now have 2 toy poodles. Your garden is also lovely. I've enjoyed visiting you. Please stop by and pay me a visit.

JD/ Jill said...

Your dog is So cute, I'm a dog lover, but at the moment we don't have one...but I often babysit my grandchildren's dog. (A toy terrier...a cutie...I call her my "GrandPup") I took the quiz and a beagle was on the list and that was our last dog!

Becky K. said...

They are simply wonderful looking dogs. I would be a horrible Mom to one if the number of times I get my hair cut is any indication. If they need to be trimmed every so often my dog would likely be most often shaggy.

Our chihuahua, Chloe, is perfect for us.

Allidink said...

Oh my gosh I took the quiz and I got a Corgi! Both breeds, and a mixed Corgi breed, and a Swedish dog. What is crazy about this is that my boyfriend wants a Corgi so bad and I don't...but apparently the quiz thinks otherwise LOL. I am stunned LOL. Neat thanks for sharing this website it's actually really helpful.

All the best,