13 February, 2009

Pink Saturday - Quoizel Hurricane Lamp

Beverly at How Sweet the Sound is hosting Pink Saturday. Stop by her blog and check out the other pinkies.

I first saw this lamp at Hallmark in 1979. It was the most beautiful lamp I had ever seen. The glass is a pink translucent frosted glass with beige hand-painted flowers. It matched my pink and beige bedroom perfectly, ... but it was over $100. I wouldn't pay that much for a lamp now, let along in 1979. Every time I went to the mall, I would go in to Hallmark to see if it it was still there and if it went on sale. Hurray! It was reduced, but still way more what I could afford to pay. Finally, it was reduced again to I think around $75.00. The saleslady said it wouldn't be reduced any further. I finally, broke down and purchased it. I never regretted the splurge.

Over the years, whenever I moved, I wrapped her in bubble wrap, placed her in her own sturdy box surrounded in foam peanuts. I then carried her in my arms like a baby. I wouldn't trust my lamp to any movers.

I now have nothing in my house that's pink. Should I keep her in a box in the basement or in a closet or sell her on eBay. What if I should redecorate in pink again? I would kick myself if I got rid of my first inanimate love object. Just writing this now, I realized I never named her. How about Pinky? Have any of you named inanimate objects?


Rose Haven said...

I would NEVER get rid of her!!! What's more...I would find a place of prominence in which to place "PINKY"!!!

I have a Dress Form...and most of my friends that do, have names for them. Mine is Pauline!


Becky K. said...

I am wondering how you could possibly part with her. That would be so terribly sad.

Thanks for popping by Hospitality Lane.

I'll have to read how you came up with your blog name...is it in a post?

I used to live in State College very near Mt. Nittany...we love our Nittany Lions.

Becky K. said...

To protect your privacy I do not plan to post your last comment...but I would love to keep talking by way of email. I am at beckypfa@yahoo.com.

One of my best friend's husband is still an employee at Accuweather.

Danette said...

I love "Pinky"! I have a couple of these kind of lamps & they're my favorite. Keep her forever. And yes... the mannequin I use for my Esty shop is "Griselda" to me... don't ask me where I got that one... I have no idea! I'm a nicknamer of all things though. My family gets a real kick out of it!

~CC Catherine said...

Karen, What about calling her "Blushing Pinky"? ;) I say keep her...she was your first love! ;) ~CC Catherine

~CC Catherine said...

Karen, What about calling her "Blushing Pinky"? ;) I say keep her...she was your first love! ;) ~CC Catherine